How to Work the Lifehouse Body & Soul Program: Video & Text

What to expect:
Lifehouse Body & Soul is not a weight-loss program. Instead, it is a spiritually-based program that aims to help us discover God within us. As part of this process, we work to become aware of the flawed beliefs, unhealthy narratives, and self-defeating behaviors which can keep us stuck in unnecessary suffering. Over time and with consistent practice, we can come to see ways to heal what is broken and bring our body, mind, and spirit into alignment. In this space, we can find our best self and our optimal weight.

We are embarking on a slow-cooker, not a microwave, approach to personal transformation. The principles we practice take time to integrate into all aspects of our lives. We take things one day at a time and focus on progress, not perfection.

At LBS, we celebrate, praise, and delight in recognizing the magical and infinite ways that Divinity moves in and through our lives. Our meditations offer a unique invitation to explore our personal and ever-changing relationship with a Beloved Higher Power of our very own understanding. We view this unfolding divine connection as the fountainhead of all healing, growth, and awakening.

Daily Practice is an important part of our overall program, but we don’t always need intense choreographed exercise to be moving in healthy ways. Above rigid rules, we listen to our body and find a rhythm that works for us. Some days, our body may prefer a gentle walk, simple stretching, or yard work. We use the walking meditations and at-home classes found online to supplement our in-person practice.

How to Work the LBS Course

The LBS Course is designed to work in harmony with the LBS Daily Practice, which offers movement and meditation to ground us in presence and self-awareness, helping us to find our spiritual center each day. We have found formal meditation practice to be a uniquely powerful place to develop our personal relationship with a Higher Power. Through meditation, God can show us things we never considered with our logical mind and bring Light to parts of our life that may feel broken. By welcoming a Higher Power into meditation, we invite Divine Love into every corner of our lives–past, present, and future–body, mind, and spirit. As we open our mind and heart, we are soon amazed at what can be healed through this simple, consistent practice.

We will each find our own unique way of working the LBS program that fits our daily routines, time restraints, and preference for how hard and how much we want to move our bodies. The following guidelines are simply suggestions for how the LBS resources might support your individual journey.

Lifehouse Body & Soul Course Community Meeting:
The weekly 90-minute Course Community Meeting is the heart of the LBS Course. It is a time to study and discuss the material each week in a safe and supportive environment. Learning from other people’s shares and experiences holds irreplaceable value on our journey toward personal growth. Learning to share and be vulnerable ourselves is another essential part of our healing and progress.

Reaching Out: Reaching Out is an integral part of our program. We practice reaching out to surrender and process when we find we have lost our center. We also reach out when we are struggling, or when we need to hold ourselves accountable to someone. It is suggested that we find 1-2 people in our Course Community group to whom we can feel comfortable Reaching Out. By Week 3-4 in the program, we can ask them specifically if it is okay if we Reach Out to them. Marco Polo or phone calls are often the best ways to Reach Out.

Lifehouse Body & Soul Course Book:
The LBS Course Book is full of principles that take a lifetime to practice. Therefore, we recommend reading or listening to each chapter multiple times throughout the week to get the most benefit from the material. Audio and text versions of each chapter are available online at

Journal & Workbook:
The LBS Course Manual offers journaling questions and
worksheets with each lesson that help us process and apply the material to our lives. Taking the time to reflect on these questions greatly benefits our individual growth. Journaling is available in the hard-copy manual or the Online Course at

Lifehouse Body & Soul Conscious Eating Guidelines:
At LBS, we know that it’s not really about the food. Rather, the way we relate to food can help us uncover the self-defeating ways we interact with life and the underlying fears and mistrust we may feel toward God and ourselves. The LBS Conscious Eating Guidelines offer a general framework to bring sanity and mindfulness to the way we eat. We use these guidelines as a foundation as we find routines and boundaries that specifically serve us and the ways we interact with food.

Enrichment Packet:
Our Online Course and welcome packet include printable posters to help us internalize each week’s material. We can place these posters in a location where we see them often to help create an environment that sustains our practice. Mantras ground us in presence and intention, and deepen neural pathways to create sustainable change in our thinking patterns.


Daily Practice:
The LBS Daily Practice offers guided movement and meditation designed to deepen and explore the principles we learn in our Course each week. When we attend Daily Practice, our commitment to daily movement and meditation is easy to meet–we do it together!

In-person classes:
In-person classes are the ideal practice for those who live close to an in-person location. Classes are offered Monday through Friday, but we need not feel that we must attend every day. We listen to and trust our bodies, and treat them with kindness and compassion. We can use Walking Meditations to supplement full fitness classes on days that our bodies prefer a gentler way to move.

Fitness & Meditation Videos:
The Daily Practice subscription also comes with 2 fitness & meditation videos for each lesson. Videos are approximately 45-50 minutes long and include spiritual teaching, cardio movement, yoga or pilates flow, and meditation. Topics correlate with the Course curriculum. We can use these videos each week for our Daily Practice or to supplement other exercise routines that we enjoy.

Walking Meditations:
The Daily Practice subscription also includes a Walking Meditation with each lesson. At LBS, we encourage walking as a lifetime practice to help us center and reconnect with body, mind, and spirit. These Walking Meditations are designed to supplement the Course material each week. We can listen as we walk and use them as part of our Daily Practice of movement and meditation.

We are so glad that you are here and invite you to use the LBS program in any way that serves you. No matter where you have been or where you are now in your personal journey of growth, healing, and self-discovery, this is a safe place for you. We welcome your unique perspective, insight, and experience and know you have much to offer to our Community, which grows and evolves as we do. We hope that your growing inner awareness leaves you feeling inspired to continue your journey with us. There are many ways to get involved and contribute to this movement. We value you and wish you love, peace, growth, and meaning in every aspect of your life. Welcome to the practice!

Course Tips:
Read or listen to each chapter during the week to more fully integrate the concepts discussed at the weekly Course Community meeting.

Complete the journaling prompts and worksheets. Reflective writing helps connect us more deeply to the material and highlights opportunities to apply our practice to our lives.

Develop a “Reaching Out” relationship with 1-2 people from our Course Community. Reaching out is a two-way vulnerability exercise where one person actively listens to another. This practice allows us to surrender or let go of our burdens. It helps us regain our center when we feel lost or overcome. In this way, we both give and receive strength. Video messages, like Marco Polo, provide a space for us to share when we most need to and also respect a listener’s schedule.

Practice, practice, practice! Make a commitment to get into our body for a formal practice of movement and meditation at least 3-5x/week. LBS offers various resources to help us do this: in-person classes, fitness & meditation videos for at-home practice, and walking meditations to include at our leisure.

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