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Mindfulness-based, Trauma-informed 1-to-1 Mentoring

Lifehouse Body & Soul Individual Mentoring helps our clients experience life-changing results from our programs. Mentoring sessions are 60-minute in length and customized to each individual.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Dustin & Mele

“The Lifehouse Body & Soul program has been revolutionary. I have been so impressed by how much Becky dives into and the myriad of levels she challenges you on. Mentoring with Body & Soul has given both my wife and me shared vocabulary and objectives that we can work through and talk about together as well as point to whenever the sh*! hits the fan at home. It helps keep us grounded and heading in a positive direction.”


“I’m so grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained that everything I need is right here within me. Through Mentoring, I’m learning that the process is really the point and there is beauty in the mess. In this community, there is safety and pure love. I am completely transformed from who I was a year ago, and how can you ever thank someone for that?” 

John & Brielle

“The Lifehouse Body & Soul approach is unlike anything else my husband and I have experienced in counseling or therapy sessions and it’s helping us see each other in new and exciting ways. We’ve spent years skimming on the surface of our relationship, allowing careers and kids and other responsibilities to squeeze between us. Without Lifehouse Body & Soul I can absolutely see us living our whole lives that way and never realizing there is another level of intimacy and connection possible. The more we have been able to confront ourselves and see our own inner worlds the more we’ve been able to see and marvel at the wonders of each other.”


“I have learned so much about myself through Body & Soul Mentoring. Before learning these tools I lived my life constantly in my mind and in my thoughts, running with a false sense of control. If I just thought out every possible scenario of every possible situation in my life I could somehow control all the things. I have been able to recognize that most if not all of my fear and anxiety is unfounded and just my thoughts running wild.  It’s been life changing for me to take ownership over this and see how and where I can show up differently for myself and my relationships in ways that don’t even involve others.”

What is Mindfulness-based, Trauma-informed Mentoring?

A Mindfulness Mentor is trained in the practices of mindfulness and interactive guided meditation. As the title suggests, Mindfulness Mentors are also people with lived experience of healing trauma and navigating challenges through the tools of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Mentors are not therapists. They will not give you advice nor treat your problems as pathologies.

Instead, they are “Spiritual Friends” or “Kalyana Mitta.” They will help you become aware of the ways you are holding your problems: the mindsets that may be at-odds with your present reality, the behaviors that may be self-defeating.

Above all, their job is to bring a compassionate presence to whatever you’re dealing with, so you have more ability to find your next right step from the Highest within you.

Mindfulness-based Mentoring is an ideal approach to:

  • learn how to trust yourself
  • learn how to regulate yourself when you’re triggered
  • bring clarity and simplicity to complex life challenges
  • develop the skill of self-compassion
  • take ownership of your life in every way
  • heal trauma and establish new, healthier beliefs and thinking patterns

Certified Mentors

Becky Moller lives in Spanish Fork, UT with her husband Nathan and their 5 children. Becky has been mentoring individuals for over 3 years. Her relevant trainings include:


  • BA in English Education at BYU University (2004)
  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor including 6-week Meditation Training through Yoga Underground & Stephen Nibley (Oct- Nov 2020)
  • 2-year Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield: in partnership with the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science & Awareness Institute (2021-2023)
  • School of Awakening with Eckhart Tolle “Becoming Teachers of Presence” (Jan – Oct 2023)
  • Interactive Guided Meditation Master Class with Jack Kornfield (June 2024)

Becky has devoted the past decade of her life to understanding the mechanics of deep emotional healing. She is the author of The Lifehouse Body & Soul Course Book and her upcoming memoir: Undone, Unafraid: Evolving through Trauma, Betrayal, Femininity & Faith.

Becky has mentored individuals through all types of traumas but is particularly well-suited to help people navigate:

  • betrayal trauma
  • long-term addiction recovery
  • couples work – mindful relationships
  • faith expansion
  • religious trauma


What is the difference between therapy and mentoring?

Mindfulness Mentors are not trained therapists. We are, instead, practicing experts on mindfulness: how to move through life challenges and traumas from a spiritual center, finding the clarity within our own heart, mind, and body that intuitively knows how to move us toward our next right step. We train our clients toward self-resilience, compassion, and Presence with simple, intuitive skills. From this place of clarity, we have found that we will always have everything we need to move forward in the most positive and powerful direction, one step at a time.

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held in the upstairs tower of Lifehouse Body & Soul: 669 N 250 E, Salem, UT.

Who can do Mentoring and how do I set up a session?

Mindfulness Mentoring sessions are only available to current clients of the Lifehouse Body & Soul programs. This is for 2 reasons: 1. Because spots are limited and 2. Because our Course in Mindful Living is the educational foundation of all the work we do in Mentoring. We can do soooooo much more in our Mentoring sessions because of the background we establish in our weekly Course meetings. You can reach out to Becky to set up a session at

Will I be tied-down into a commitment if I start Mentoring?

There is no required commitment to pursue Mentoring. People who are actively working the Course might just use one session here or there and get what they need. If you're working through some real trauma, trying to establish a new normal, or working through challenges as a couple, it's recommended that you maintain regular Mentoring sessions for a more extended length of time. If this is the case, regular sessions are recommended either weekly or every other week.

Are your Mentors trained?

Mentors are required to complete a full year of participation in the Course & Practice, graduate from our Embodied Mindfulness Teacher Training Program, and complete our Individual Mentor Training program as well. Between our years of personal experience and formal training (which are equally valuable in matters of healing), we have a solid decade of immersive knowledge to help guide our clients through challenges of all kinds. We are always growing our team of trained Mentors, which takes time.

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