February 26th, 8:30am-12:00pm

Why You and Your Relationships Desperately Need Self-Care

A Half-Day Workshop for Couples & Individuals

We are so excited to offer this special event to help you celebrate and explore the ways and reasons you desperately need to nourish yourself on a regular basis–in body, mind, and spirit.

Lifehouse Body & Soul sees the body as the sacred vehicle for the Divine, and offers a unique approach to fitness and wellness that can transform your relationship with your body and life.  On February 26th, we team up with Summit Spa and Hope Recovery to educate you on how to truly care for yourself and your relationships in empowering ways.

A Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day! We hope you will join us!

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Here's what you will get:



A Brand New Way to Experience Fitness Throughout the workshop, we will be moving, stretching, and strengthening our bodies. Caring for our bodies in healthy and loving ways is foundational self-care.

An Education on Body Mapping and Reflexology Come by yourself or with a partner to learn from Katrina Long, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Summit Spa, about Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body through Reflexology and Massage.

Insights into How Masculine and Feminine Roles Keep You Stuck Feeling Unfulfilled What does self-care have to do with our feminine or masculine identities? Amanda Christensen, LMFT and owner of Hope Therapy, teaches fascinating concepts from Internal Family Systems therapy, that may open your eyes to unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck feeling unfulfilled in your life and relationships.

Guided Meditation And as always, at LBS, we bring it back to meditation--which is YOUR unique superpower to access the wisdom, peace, and strength of the Universe. And it resides in your very own soul! Come see how meditation and mindfulness skills can be an untapped well of self-care in your life.

Optional Facial, Massage, and Foot-Zone Treatments Facial, massage, and Foot-Zone treatments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Make the most of this event and be sure to leave feeling fully refreshed, nurtured, and centered.

At Lifehouse Body & Soul, we want the whole world to wake up to the rich and joyful life that is available to us, in each moment, as we learn to pay attention to what matters most.
We hope you will join us for this special Self-Care event with Summit Spa and Hope Recovery, two excellent Self-Care resources in our own Spanish Fork community.

Are you ready for a day of refreshing self-care?

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