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Summer 2023

Lifehouse Body & Soul offers a comprehensive approach to mental health and wellness.

We connect the dots between body, mind, and spirit, helping you find inner freedom and optimal health through:

  • weekly mindfulness classes (Mindful Summer Series)
  • morning movement (The Practice)

Enroll in both for best results.

The Mindful Summer Series

Summer Series: A Bridge to our New Program

Our Mindful Summer Series represents a bridge to our year-round program. For participants who enrolled in the (10-month) 22-23 Women’s Course, Mindful Summer completes your full-year curriculum and qualifies you for Lifestyle Membership starting mid-August.

Lifestyle Membership

Lifestyle Membership offers graduates from the full-year Mindful Living Course a greatly discounted option to continue in the program.

We believe that healthy living and spiritual awakening are life-long journeys, not singular events. Community and consistency are crucial elements of sustainable change.

Need flexibility this summer?

We’ve got a perfect solution! Our weekly groups will meet:

  • on Zoom Tuesday nights 8:15-9:45pm MDT
  • Wednesday mornings 9-10:30am MDT in-person

We hope this online option gives you the flexibility you need to stay grounded through an adventurous summer.

Mindful Movement & Meditation

Don’t forget to continue The Practice through the summer! Check out our adjusted summer schedule below. We hope to keep you going and growing through all the joy and chaos of the months ahead.

What is the Mindful Summer Series?


June 6 – August 9

Tuesday Evenings 8:15-9:45pm on Zoom
Wednesday Mornings 9-10:30am @ Lifehouse Body & Soul
669 N 250 E, Salem UT

Modern Mindfulness helps us to find our center and navigate complex issues and difficult relationships with wisdom and compassion. This summer, we tackle some challenging topics.

  • June 6/7: Embracing Abundance
  • June 13/14: Understanding Addiction
  • June 20/21: Mindful Eating
  • June 27/28: Mindful Mothering
  • July 4/5: Holiday!
  • July 11/12: Mindful Communication
  • July 18/19: Power Dynamics
  • July 25/26: Mindful Inclusion
  • Aug 1/2: Mindful Communication
  • Aug 8/9: Reflect/Celebrate

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Where is the Mindful Summer Series held?

Summer classes are held on Tuesday nights, 8:15-9:45pm on Zoom or Wednesday mornings, 9-10:30am in the upstairs tower at Lifehouse Body & Soul, 669 N 250 E, Salem, UT.

Can I try come try it out for free?

Absolutely! We know what we do is new for most people. You are welcome to come try The Practice or a Mindful Summer mindfulness class for free. After you attend once, we ask that you either commit to your own subscription. You may also pay the Practice drop-in fee of $12 per class.

What Mindful Summer Series materials do I need?

Our Mindful Summer Series does not require any materials. We will provide packets at each meeting with your study materials.

What fitness equipment do I need for The Practice?

Participants need to bring their own yoga mat and water bottle to The Practice.

What does my Enrollment include?

Your Mindful Summer Series enrollment includes your weekly meeting and study packets you will receive each week at Group. A Zoom and in-person option will be available each week. Your Practice enrollment includes morning classes MTWFr June 5-Aug 12. Practice will resume for the school year on Aug 21. Your Practice enrollment also includes online workouts and guided walking meditations you can use at home. These are found under your account.

How does your year-round schedule work for The Practice?

Our Practice continues year-round, following the Nebo School District calendar during the school year, with brief breaks at the transitions to summer and fall. The Practice is priced at a $40/month subscription year-round, an incredible deal between $2-3/class, depending on the season.

How does your year-round schedule work for your evening Mindfulness Courses?

Our Signature Mindfulness Course for Men, Women, and Youth is transitioning to a year-round program. It is intended to be a recursive program--a lifestyle that allows you to regularly practice the mind-body-spirit connection and healthy mindsets that lead to long-term mental health and stability. The structure, community, and accountability offered through the program help support individuals through all types of life challenges. These Courses represent an innovate approach that amplifies traditional avenues of addressing mental health. The cost of the Course is $90/month or one discounted up-front payment for the year ($864). That's less than $20 per 90-minute session--an incredible value that offers comparable outcomes to therapy, massage, and other common approaches to mental health and wellness.

What is your cancellation policy?

Month-to-month subscriptions (for the Course or the Practice) can be cancelled at anytime. Participants who enroll in the Course at the discounted up-front rate (20% off) do not qualify for refunds or cancellations. If a life disruption occurs during enrollment, active Course status will be deferred until the time you are able to re-engage with the program. Extreme circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. Our intention is to support you in your healing and wellness journey. We will do everything in our power to act in integrity and honor the best interest of all.

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