Embodied Mindfulness Teacher Training – Class of 2024

Become a force for good in the world.

$1195 for 11-week training

January 20-March 30, 2024
Lifehouse Body & Soul
669 N 250 E, Salem, UT

Why Would I Train as an Embodied Mindfulness Teacher?

A Unique Approach to HealingMind - Body - Spirit

Across the world, Teachers of Embodied Mindfulness are desperately needed to guide people to their most valuable resource: their own Higher Self. Together, one moment at a time, one individual at a time, we can make a difference. *Become a better parent, partner, teacher, friend, therapist, helping professional, service position. * Take mindfulness tools back to your work, family, community * Improve your personal practice & progress * Be able to hold the teacher's seat & lead healthy group meetings, utilize somatic movement & embodied awareness, and provide trauma-informed mindfulness-based mentoring to individuals

A Toolkit that WorksYou can be a vehicle for Love and Light.

We offer a practice and platform that contains all the essential elements to help people heal and thrive. Whether you aim to pursue a formal teaching position or you wish to bring mindfulness to your current profession, parenting role, personal life, or service position, the tools you will learn in our Teacher Training will improve every aspect of your life. Over the 11-week training, you'll be expected to commit to a personal practice of meditation and mindfulness. Group meetings will give you the opportunity to learn and practice concrete skills to create healthy group dynamics. You will learn how to mentor individuals to connect with their own embodied awareness. Your own practice and presence will be the most valuable asset you bring to this endeavor. *Completing this training is not a guarantee of a teaching position with Lifehouse Body & Soul or Body Soul School.

Silent Retreat: Clear Your Slate

Start your journey with a day of silence.

  • Saturday, January 20th: 9am-3pm (Attendance required)
  • Kick off your formal training with a deep dive into the Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Our annual daylong New Year Retreat is included in your tuition. It’s a perfect platform to clear your slate and prepare for your mindfulness journey.

An 11-Week Curriculum

Learn. Grow. Explore Together.

  • 6 weeks of online training sessions guide you to deepen your personal practice at-home.
  • 6 in-person group meetings for practical experience in leading groups and mentoring individuals. (Attendance required)
  • By graduation day, you will be prepared to teach, lead, and mentor all on your own.

The Schedule

Saturday, January 20th

Silent Retreat: Foundations of Mindfulness


In-Person Training #1

The Teacher's Seat & Group Dynamics

Saturday, January 27th: 9-10:30am

Online Training: Strengthening Presence

At-home Practice & Daily Sits

January 29th-Feb 9th

In-Person Training #2

Teaching Embodied Meditation: Finding Your Voice

Saturday, February 10th: 9-10:30am

Online Training: Breath & Embodiment, Thoughts & Emotions

At-home Practice & Daily Sits

February 12th-23rd

In-Person Training #3

Mindfulness Mentoring: Helping Others Find their Center

Saturday, February 24th: 9-10:30am

Online Training: How to Work With Trauma

At-home Practice & Daily Sits

February 25th-March 8th

In-Person Training #4

More Mindfulness Mentoring: Helping Others Find their Center

Saturday, March 9th: 9-10:30am

Online Training: Working With Parts and Shadows

At-home Practice & Daily Sits

March 10th-22nd

In-Person Training #5

Q & A: Tips for Success & Common Pitfalls of Teaching & Mentoring

Saturday, March 23rd: 9-10:30am

Saturday, March 30th

Graduation Day: Teaching and Mentoring in Practice


What Lifehouse members have to say about our programs:

Brielle & John

" My husband and I have taken advantage of every couples opportunity Lifehouse Body & Soul has offered. The approach is unlike anything else we’ve experienced in counseling or therapy sessions. In the program, we’ve been coached through mindful meditations and course materials to be able to see each other in new and exciting ways. Also, to be able to understand ourselves with more compassion and understanding. We’ve learned tools that have empowered us to be able to have meaningful conversations to deepen and enrich our relationship. We’ve spent years skimming on the surface of our relationship, allowing careers and kids and other responsibilities to squeeze between us. Without Lifehouse Body & Soul I can absolutely see us living our whole lives that way and never realizing there is another level of intimacy and connection possible. The more we have been able to confront ourselves and see our own inner worlds the more we’ve been able to see and marvel at the wonders of each other."

- Brielle & John

Nate & Rebecca

" My husband and I have been using Lifehouse Body & Soul tools for almost a decade to navigate both serious issues and also just normal life. I cannot overstate how helpful it has been to have a shared vocabulary and increased self-awareness on both sides of our relationship. We are more accountable for our own reactions. We have more ability to hear and understand each other. We feel safer with one another. And we have more ability to catch ourselves in negative patterns and take a step back before we spin out of control. We will never be perfect, but with these tools, our marriage has become a beautiful vehicle for happiness, progress, and life fulfillment. We feel like we truly are creating something new, beautiful, and uniquely our own as we use these tools and rely on God to guide us, one day at a time."

- Nate & Rebecca


" Lifehouse Body & Soul has done more for me in helping me become my authentic best self than any other thing I've ever done. It has forever improved my relationships with my spouse, children, co-workers, friends, and most importantly myself, and in major ways. It's hard to overstate the impact this program has had on my life. For the time and money, I've never encountered a wiser investment in myself, one that keeps on paying big dividends."

- Ty


" Lifehouse Body & Soul has been revolutionary. As someone who has gone through extensive therapy, lots of 12-step work, and a dozen self-help books and self-improvement programs, I can confidently say that this program has impressed me more than any other out there. "

- Dustin

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