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The Lifehouse Body & Soul programs produce life-changing results in terms of life satisfaction, inner peace, and mental-emotional-physical health. We teach universal tools that can help anyone more effectively navigate the human condition through:

  • Evening mindfulness classes (The LBS Mindful Living Course)
  • Morning fitness & meditation (The Practice)

When you enroll in both, you get the full benefit of body, mind, and spirit.

“This program gave me the tools I’ve been looking for my entire life. From healing past wounds to eating to knowing myself to strengthening my body.” -Bri

10 monthly payments of


4 monthly payments of


The Women's Mindful Living Course

Mindfulness & Meditation

Over 16,000 scholarly articles have documented the scientific benefits of mindfulness practice. Your Course walks you through a unique curriculum which includes:

  • The 250-page LBS Mindful Living Course Workbook
  • Mindfulness Cards to remind you of your practice at home
  • Online Walking Meditations for each lesson
  • Online Audio version of each lesson
  • Social Media Group to keep you connected


Women’s weekly meetings are held Tuesday nights 8:15-9:45pm or Wednesday mornings 10:30am-12pm. Participants can attend whichever is more convenient week to week. Each meeting includes:

  • an accountability check-in
  • guided mediation practice
  • course curriculum study & discussion
  • optional sharing

We Can Help You If:

  • You struggle to make time for self-care but need it desperately.
  • You are struggling with trauma, transition, or loss.
  • You have tried therapy but aren’t yet achieving the changes you are looking for. (The magic key? Getting the body involved!)
  • You struggle with anxiety or depression and need tangible tools to find clarity, peace, and empowerment.
  • You are experiencing relationship struggles and could use a safe place.
  • You feel restless and simply want more out of life!

Mindful Movement

Our programs are one-of-a-kind because they deeply incorporate body, mind, and spirit. The LBS Practice stands alone as an effective fitness and flexibility program. But, it can be truly life-changing when you combine it with the principles you learn through our Mindful Living Course.

If you are working through stress or trauma of any kind, the combination of The Mindful Living Course with The Practice can really accelerate your healing. Each class is designed to help you release the energy and emotions that are stored in the tissues of the body. Each meditation is designed to help you access the subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck.

The more you practice, the more you progress.

What is the Women’s Mindful Living Course?

The LBS Women’s Mindful Living program is a 36-week curriculum supported by weekly Group meetings.

Women’s Mindful Living introduces you to a one-day-at-a-time lifestyle of self-compassion, presence, accountability, and supportive community.

The program represents a unique blend of mindfulness practice, yoga philosophy, modern therapies, and traditional 12-Step.

The 36-week session length is a solid base to help you establish long-term behavior change, inner peace, and wellness in every way. We can promise you that if you commit to the program, you will experience life-changing results.

The LBS Women’s Mindful Living Course is one of the most affordable ways you can improve and support your mental health, at 10 monthly payments of $80, or 4 monthly payments of $190.

Fall Session Launches on Tues, Aug 23rd @ 8:15pm or Wed, Aug 24th @10:30am.

What Our Participants Are Saying

What is the LBS Practice?

The Lifehouse Body & Soul Practice is an innovate approach to fitness, wellness, and long-term mental health.

We connect all aspects of mind-body-spirit everyday, through all types of energy–from strong cardio to steady toning to soothing yoga.

Our structured curriculum plugs people into a system and community that supports their long-term efforts to live a healthy, balanced life in mind, body and spirit.

The Practice is a year-round subscription at $40/month that can be cancelled at anytime.

(If you’ve already been enrolled in The Practice, you do not need to re-enroll. Your monthly subscription will remain active until you cancel.)

Family Membership is available by adding The Practice Upgrade to your cart for an additional $20/month. This upgrade gives immediately family members access to The Practice.

If you need a more flexible schedule, you can enroll in the Online Only Practice for $20/month. This subscription gives you 36 curriculum-based practices of cardio, toning, yoga, and meditation (50 minutes each) and 20 walking meditations (25-35 minutes each).


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Where are the classes held?

Our Mindfulness Classes are held in the upstairs office at Lifehouse Body & Soul, 669 N 250 E, Salem, UT. The Practice is held in Studio 3 of the same building. Just follow the'll find us!

How does the pricing work?

When you enroll in The Practice, you enroll in an on-going subscription at $40/month. That's less than $2 per class! Crazy good deal! You can cancel your Practice subscription at anytime. When you enroll in our Mindful Living Course, you commit for the entire session. Once the session is underway, there are no cancellations or refunds. Space is limited, so your commitment to the session takes a seat from somebody else.

Can I try come try it out for free?

Yes! We welcome newcomers to see what we’re all about. Click here to get your free class pass: After trying 2-3 classes, we ask that you either commit to your own subscription or else pay the drop-in fee of $12 per class. We also welcome free drop-ins to try out our Mindful Living Course. Just send us an email ahead of time so we can watch for you.

What Course materials do I need?

The Mindful Living Course requires The Mindful Living Welcome Packet. This is included in the price of your tuition. You'll need to bring your Course Book to each weekly meeting.

What fitness equipment do I need for The Practice?

Participants need to bring their own yoga mat and water bottle to The Practice.

How does your year-round schedule work for your evening Mindfulness Courses?

Our Signature Mindfulness Course for Men, Women, and Youth coincides with the School Year. It is intended to be a recursive program--a lifestyle that allows individuals to regularly practice the mind-body-spirit connection that leads to long-term mental health and stability. The structure, community, and accountability offered through the program helps support individuals through all types of life challenges. These Courses represent an innovate approach that amplifies traditional avenues of addressing mental health. The cost of our signature Mindful Living Course is less than $20 per 90-minute session--an incredible value that offers comparable outcomes to therapy. In the summer, we highlight specific topics that might be of interest to our community. These short workshops allow newcomers to try out our approach and see what works for them, and long-time participants to experience a fresh perspective on the practice.

How does your year-round schedule work for The Practice?

The Practice continues year-round, following the Nebo School District calendar during the school year, with brief breaks at the beginning and end of the school year. During the School Year, The Practice includes 8 sessions each week, with early morning and Saturday options for those who work. During the Summer, The Practice includes 5 sessions each week. The Practice is priced at a $40/month subscription year-round, an incredible deal between $1-2/class, depending on the season.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you enroll in the Mindful Living Course, you commit for the whole program. When you enroll in The Practice, your subscription renews each month and you can cancel at anytime. We strive to offer affordable options for your long-term health and wellness in every way.
10 monthly payments of


4 monthly payments of


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