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Lifehouse Body & Soul (LBS) is a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual program that emphasizes the body as a sacred vehicle for awakening. Coursework, weekly meetings, movement, and meditation are its pillars: each reinforces the other as we learn to tap into our body’s innate wisdom and live in the present moment from our spiritual center.

The LBS Course offers a variety of perspectives and tools, including 12-step recovery concepts, psychological theories, and models, as well as ancient Eastern traditions of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. We gratefully acknowledge the many teachers, mentors, and communities on whose shoulders we rest. These lenses provide a wide assortment of overlapping, interwoven, and sometimes contradictory approaches to universal healing and spirituality. We encourage you to explore what is offered with an open mind, feeling free to take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Different strategies and perspectives can resonate with us at different times in our lives: we can trust our own inner guidance to help us recognize what we most need right now. Integrating the wide variety of tools and wisdom found in these time-tested traditions according to the guidance of our divine intuition offers us limitless possibilities for exploration and personal growth.

As such, we think of the LBS Course more as a lifestyle choice than a program to complete. While the Course is organized into sessions (36-weeks for the school year, 10-weeks for the summer), it is intended to be an ever-evolving, recursive process. Much like peeling off the layers of an onion, each time we move through the Course, we find deeper parts of ourselves to be understood and processed. Let’s try to keep an open mind and willing heart: we may find that ideas we initially reject can become meaningful as we progress on our journey.

The aim of the LBS Course is to help each individual:

  • develop a deeper personal relationship with the Higher Power of their own understanding
  • discover and trust their Highest Self
  • understand the past traumas, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that keep them from a more joyful life
  • feel connected in a safe and supportive community that fosters personal growth and accountability
  • learn specific practices and strategies that foster a mindful and compassionate approach to all of life’s challenges
  • learn how to more fully love and care for all parts of themselves and others
  • recognize and learn to trust the many aspects of the Divine at work in their life
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