Membership Packages Syncing Body, Mind & Spirit through our Mindful Living Courses
and Daily Practice of fitness & meditation.

Our Programs

Adult Programs

  • Mindful Living Course meets weekly
  • Daily Practice of fitness, yoga & meditation available
  • Enroll in both for best results!

Youth Mindful Living

  • Evening Youth Mindful Living classes meet weekly
  • Improve your teen’s mental & emotional health
  • For boys & girls 12-19

Online Program

  • 36 recorded Practice sessions
  • 60+ recorded Walking Meditations
  • Weekly Zoom meetings for mentorship & community

Understand the Difference Love who you are. Find strength in community. Heal what hurts. Sustain the change.

  • Why We're Unique

    The LBS Programs offer a unique approach to overall wellness through both fitness and mindfulness.

    Our programs incorporate mind, body and spirit and teach universal practices to help you find balance, self-compassion and inner peace.

    Through our Embodied Practice, you can:

    • Experience a safe space to exercise and make peace with your body–no matter your fitness level.
    • Discover how to use breath and movement to release emotions & negative energy.
    • Learn to meditate from trained practitioners.
    • Establish consistency in your exercise and spiritual practice.
  • Benefits of Mindfulness

    Over 5,000 documented research studies show that consistent mindful meditation can promise you health, wealth, & greater prosperity in many ways.

    Come see for yourself! We can help you:

    • decrease stress
    • alleviate anxiety and depression
    • manage chronic pain
    • work skillfully with your over-active mind
    • understand and respond wisely to powerful emotions
    • become more aware of your spiritual essence
    • improve and deepen the quality of your relationships
    • heal past traumas
  • Problems We Solve

    Our unique year-long curriculum teaches people what it means to be human, and how to navigate the human condition in healthy ways.

    Anyone can benefit, but we are an especially helpful resource for:

    • Betrayal Trauma
    • Addiction or harmful habits
    • Marriage difficulties
    • Faith transitions/expansions
    • Eating Disorders
    • Teen Struggles
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Perfectionism
  • Group Healing

    Our weekly Mindful Living classes offer the kind of group healing that has helped millions of individuals recover through 12-step fellowships.

    If you’ve never experienced the fellows-among-fellows kinship that can occur through this type of community, this is an empowering connection you don’t want to miss.

    Group meetings include:

    • study time
    • optional sharing
    • guided meditations
    • intention-setting & follow-up

  • The Lifehouse Body & Soul Signature Courses

    A Course in Mindful Living: A Lifetime Pathway to Healing Almost Anything incorporates 12-step concepts, principles of trauma-healing, guided meditation, healthy behavior change, self-compassion, and practical  mindfulness tools.

    The Welcome Packet is a hard-copy workbook that offers weekly readings, journaling, and worksheets. Additionally, when you enroll in any of our programs, you gain access to our online resources, including:

    • The Course Book in audio & text
    • Guided Walking Meditations that support the curriculum
    • Printables & worksheets to support each week’s topic
    • Online Journal

Are You Ready to Get Started? Come see how fitness and simple mindfulness practices can help you live more consciously and joyfully everyday.

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