Our Mission

At Lifehouse Body & Soul, we believe that our fullest and most joyful life happens when we connect body, mind, and spirit on a regular basis. We use mindfulness, movement, and supportive community to help people heal their hidden traumas, improve their relationships, and create authentic lives of meaning and purpose.

Becky Moller - Co-Founder, Program Director & Lead Instructor

Becky Moller lives in Spanish Fork, UT with her husband Nathan and their 5 children. After experiencing a shattering loss in 2014, Becky spent the next decade of her life as a devoted student of spiritual healing.

She spent 6 years in the 12-step world of trauma and addiction recovery, where she learned the art of surrender and the gifts of community.  Eventually becoming the Executive Director of SA Lifeline Foundation, a worldwide 12-step recovery community, she planned and spoke at multiple Conferences and Retreats, wrote extensively on the mechanics of trauma and addiction recovery and developed online curriculum and core instructive materials. Her experience here taught her how to create healthy and effective group settings that foster the safety and accountability necessary to heal from traumas and addictions.

This work naturally expanded into the world of mindfulness as Becky was a career fitness and yoga instructor with over 17 years experience teaching at the University level (BYU & UVU).  She witnessed how her fitness classes were helping her to process trauma through her body, and she realized that this was a powerful missing link for many people in psychological distress.

Through inspired mentors, she came to know for herself the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit, and how to utilize this connection to awaken to the limiting beliefs and ego identities that keep us trapped. With these understandings, she deepened her training in yoga, mindfulness, and meditation and found them to be another incredible tool that accelerated her growth and healing.

Becky is now a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, through Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, in association with the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center and Awareness Institute. This 2-year training greatly deepened her framework and allow her to teach from a powerful and unique combination of personal experience, ancient tradition, and modern neuroscience.  She has been teaching meditation and mindfulness in group settings since 2018 and mentoring individuals since 2023.

Becky is the author and creator of The Lifehouse Body & Soul mindfulness courses and lead instructor of our Embodied Practice program. Her personal memoir Undone, Unafraid: Evolving through Betrayal, Trauma, Femininity & Faith is scheduled to release on July 6, 2024.

Becky feels overwhelmed with gratitude at how such ugly beginnings have become such a beautiful and expansive part of her life.  Like the poet, Rumi, she knows that “The wound is where the light enters” and she is no longer afraid of the dark–in herself or in others. She feels privileged and uniquely called to provide a soft space for those who feel the desire to truly, deeply, heal and awaken to a larger journey of self-discovery and wholeness.

She knows that “Everything you are looking for is already here, within you, exactly as you are.” She would love to help you uncover the infinite and unique Light that already lives in you.

Meet the Team

Nesha Woodhouse - Co-Founder

Nesha started Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy in her basement in 1999. Because of her own personal struggles with feeling like her worth was determined by her accomplishments, Nesha has sought to create an environment at Lifehouse that strives to instill values of personal integrity and strength in its students rather than competition, seeking for external validation and ego.  The studio, under her leadership, has grown to be one of the largest in Utah.

Nesha’s first experience with body trauma happened at age 4.  Several traumatic experiences throughout her childhood and early adolescence contributed to her developing Anorexia in an effort to feel in control of her worthiness for love and acceptance by controlling her body size.  Although this has been a difficult challenge, journeying with her body and healing her trauma has also been her greatest teacher.  It is in grappling with this challenge that Nesha has discovered truth, wisdom and the gift in the human experience.

In seeking for her own healing, Nesha sought out many resources.  She has attended workshops, done therapy, participated in various fitness programs, read countless books and worked with many wonderful mentors.  She has learned the power of aligning herself with truth and the importance of healing trauma, which is universal to the human condition.

In seeking for her own healing, Nesha struggled to find answers for her body trauma.  She found that most programs tied feeling good about yourself and health strictly to weight, size and following a strict routine of diet and exercise.  She knew from her own experience that looking to an outcome of being a certain size or of behaving “perfectly” were not the answer.  She also recognized that most people, especially women, have significant shame and trauma around their body.  A vision for a program that would teach that true power comes in being aligned with truth, the need for a higher power, and the integration of the mind, body, heart and soul began to form.

Nesha’s vision is to create a space that she was always searching for, but could never find.  A space for honoring the body as a glorious instrument to learn, experience and love.

Holly Lambert--Yoga & Meditation Specialist

Holly Lambert is a Yoga Alliance 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher with over a decade of experience teaching yoga and meditation to thousands of individuals. She practices the 12-Steps and finds her greatest passion in helping people to open their heart, and connect to the Higher Power of their own understanding. Holly’s guided meditations have helped hundreds of women in trauma to break down their walls, reconnect with their heart, and deepen their relationship with God.

Brielle Wollenzien--HIGH Fitness & Barre Instructor

Brielle is our high energy early morning instructor. She’s certified to teach Barre strength and toning which is a ballet-inspired low impact metabolic burn. She’s also our certified High Fitness instructor which is an easy to follow music-driven dance party. (No dance experience required!)

Brielle is passionate about feeling strong and confident in your body while also having tons of fun. She’s been with Lifehouse Body & Soul since its creation and cares deeply about inspiring our participants to create the body and soul connections that make our program so powerful and transformative.

She’s the mom to 2 little girls, 3 teenagers, and 1 fluffy white cat.

Serena Zepeda-Group Facilitator

Serena is married to her best friend and husband Israel. They have 5 kids. She is a busy mom trying to keep up with everybody, while also volunteering at her kids’ school, volunteering at church, and cooking, baking, dancing, and singing to her heart’s content.

Serena graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Spanish. She is a certified Zumba and Zumba Tone instructor.

Serena began the Lifehouse Body and Soul course as a participant in the Pilot Program in 2021. The concepts of making peace with her body, finding respite from perfectionism and anxiety, and connecting more deeply with God spoke to her soul, and she knew it was a program for which she was hungry and ready. After a lifetime of conscious and subconscious influences of what “beautiful” is, she spent her adult life swinging on the pendulum of diet and exercise. In 2019, she finally came to the conclusion that there must be a better way and that she needed to find how to live well with her body, mind, and food. This quest led her to Lifehouse Body and Soul, and she couldn’t be more grateful. Her consistent participation in Daily Practice, evening Course Community Meetings, and imperfectly applying course principles in her day-to-day life has led to an increased peace, lightness, freedom, hope, calm, steadiness, and self-awareness that years previous would have seemed impossible.

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