Self-Care with Body & Soul and Salon de la Paz

We are so excited to announce a Girls Night Out on November 18th, 5-7pm. Come build a night of customized self-care treatments and fill your cup in every way before the holiday whirlwind.

Our School Year In-Person Programs

Women’s Programs

  • Evening Mindfulness Course meets weekly
  • The LBS Practice of fitness, yoga & meditation
  • Enroll in both for best results!

Mindfulness for Men

  • Evening Mindfulness Course meets weekly
  • Upgrade for Saturday movement practice
  • Enroll in both for best results!

Youth Mindful Living

  • Evening Youth Mindful Living classes meet weekly
  • Improve your teen’s mental & emotional health
  • For boys & girls 12-18

Everything You Need to Heal & Thrive In Body, Mind & Spirit

Our Life-changing Programs are affordable options to drastically improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

    Lifehouse Body & Soul is a fitness, mindfulness & meditation studio that works from the inside out to bring strength and alignment to every aspect of body, mind, and spirit.

  • If you would like to feel more comfortable in your own skin...
  • If you would like to experience less fear and more freedom...
  • If you would like to explore your personal connection with Divinity...
  • If you would like to better understand how to work skillfully with your mind...
  • If you would like richer, deeper, more connected relationships...
  • If you would like to learn how to love who you are...
  • Then this is a GREAT place for you to learn and grow in a loving, supportive community.

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Participant Experiences


What equipment do I need?

Participants need to bring their own yoga mat and water bottle to Practice.

Do I have to enroll in both the Mindfulness classes and the Practice?

There are two complementary elements to our programs:

  • The Course in Mindful Living (weekly group classes)
  • The Practice (movement & meditation M-S)

While it is optimal to enroll in both parts of the program, you can benefit greatly by participating in either The Course or The Practice separately. You are welcome to participate at whatever level works for you!

Can I come try a class for free?

Yes! We welcome newcomers to come see what we are all about. Feel free to join us for a free Practice class or a free Evening Mindfulness class. You may join the program with a monthly subscription anytime.

How often should I Practice?

The LBS Practice is offered 5-6 days per week and it’s ideal to attend consistently.

Many of our participants attend in person 2-3 times per week and find that works well for their schedule and their bodies.

Your Practice membership also includes thirty-six 50-minute online Practice workouts.

These videos can help you practice consistently and get the full benefit of the program even when you can’t make it to class in-person.

At the low price of $40/month, we hope you will find the benefit of the practice and the community is a great value whether you can come once per week or everyday.

Do you offer family memberships?

We welcome multiple family members to join the Lifehouse Body & Soul family.

Our mindfulness programs can transform your family life as family members learn a shared vocabulary and practice similar principles of healthy-living and compassion.

When one family member is enrolled as an LBS Course participant at full-price, additional family members can enroll in the Course at a 50% family discount. Email for the current family discount code and start saving for your family.

The Practice Upgrade can also be added to a single Practice subscription to give Practice access to the entire family for an affordable rate.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can rest assured that you can cancel your Practice membership at any time. All cancellations and refunds will be charged a $5 processing fee.

When you enroll in the Course, you commit to the full session. There are no refunds or cancellations.


Do you offer individual mentoring?

Yes! We offer one-to-one mentoring sessions in packages of 1-6 sessions. You can both  purchase your package and schedule your first session here.

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