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Mindful Living for Adults

The Lifehouse Body & Soul programs integrate mind, body, and spirit for a trauma-informed, comprehensive approach to mental health and wellness.

  • Education: The LBS Course in Mindful Living (12-month curriculum)
  • Community Support: Weekly Group Meetings
  • One-to-One Guidance: Individual Mentoring
  • Embodiment: Physical fitness/yoga/meditation

Together, let’s build a customized package that meets your unique needs, timetable, and resources.

“This program gave me the tools I’ve been looking for my entire life. From healing past wounds to eating to knowing myself to strengthening my body.” -Bri

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A Course in Mindful Living: A Lifetime Pathway to Healing Almost Anything


Over 16,000 scholarly articles document the scientific benefits of mindfulness practice. Our signature curriculum represents the latest in neuroscience as well as ancient wisdom traditions. Our extensive resources include:

  • The 330-page LBS Mindful Living Course Workbook
  • Practice Posters to remind you of each week’s practice at home
  • Online Walking Meditations for each lesson
  • Online Audio version of each lesson
  • Social Media Group to keep you connected


Weekly meetings are held to explore our curriculum in community as fellows among fellows, spiritual friends. Meetings include:

  • an accountability check-in
  • guided meditation practice
  • course curriculum study & discussion
  • optional sharing

Adult meetings are held:

  • Summer Schedule (June 2-August 7):
  • Tuesdays: Online Zoom Mtg 7:15-8:45pm
  • Wednesdays: Women’s Mtg 9:00am-10:30am
  • Wednesdays: General Adult Mtg 7:00-8:20pm


Individual Mentoring can empower you to use mindfulness as a vehicle toward self-authoring your own authentic pathway through life.

  • Learn how to love yourself
  • Navigate & heal from trauma, transition, or loss
  • Get more out of therapy or other self-help efforts
  • Work with anxiety, perfectionism, anger, and depression
  • Improve your relationships or marriage
  • Regain your passion for living!


Our one-of-a-kind programs deeply incorporate body, mind, and spirit.

The LBS Practice incorporates embodiment to complement our Course Curriculum. We offer a variety of classes to help you release energy and emotions stored in the tissues of the body. Each class is designed to use breath and meditation to help you access the subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck.

The more you practice, the more you progress.

What is the LBS Course in Mindful Living?

A Course in Mindful Living: A Lifetime Pathway to Healing Almost Anything is a year-long mindfulness-based curriculum supported by weekly group meetings and regular embodiment.

The program represents a unique blend of mindfulness practice, yoga, fitness, breath work, neuroscience, modern therapies, and traditional 12-Step.

Consistent mindfulness practice can help you establish long-term behavior change, inner peace, and wellness in every way. Our clients who commit to the full program truly experience life-changing results.

A Course in Mindful Living is one of the most affordable and comprehensive ways you can improve and support your mental health and wellness.

A free consultation can help you understand if our program is what you’re looking for.

What Our Participants Are Saying

What is the LBS Practice?

The Lifehouse Body & Soul Practice is an innovate approach to fitness, wellness, and long-term mental health.

Morning Practice classes include cardio, toning, yoga, & meditation, offering all the benefits of regular physical fitness.

Evening Practice classes offer silent meditation sits and yoga for those who prefer a gentler option.

Our Practice sessions reinforce our mindfulness-based curriculum, using movement and breath to embody the skills we’re learning each week, and helping participants process and release trauma.

When you enroll in our Course in Mindful Living, you are automatically enrolled in Practice.

You can also enroll in The Practice separately. We offer a variety of monthly subscriptions (unlimited, 1x/week, or online only) that can be cancelled at anytime.

Summer Schedule 2024 (June 2-August 7)

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What does my Course subscription include?

When adults enroll in a Course in Mindful Living, your tuition covers your Welcome Packet, your weekly group meetings, and your participation in Practice classes, which we recommend attending at least 1x/week.

Where are the classes held?

Our Mindfulness Classes are held in the upstairs tower of Lifehouse Body & Soul, 669 N 250 E, Salem, UT. Morning Practice is held in Studio 3 of the same building. Just follow the'll find us! Evening Practice is held upstairs in Studio 4.

Can I try come try it out for free?

Yes! We welcome newcomers to see what we’re all about. Click here to get your free class pass: After trying 2-3 classes, we ask that you either commit to your own subscription or else pay the drop-in fee of $12 per class. We also welcome free drop-ins to try out our Mindful Living Course. Just send us an email at ahead of time so we can watch out for you. Or better yet, fill out our initial consultation form and we can set up a free consultation to help you understand if and how we can best help.

What Course materials do I need?

The Mindful Living Course requires The Mindful Living Welcome Packet. This is included in your sign-up fee when you enroll in the program. You'll need to bring your Course Book to each weekly meeting.

What fitness equipment do I need for The Practice?

Participants need to bring their own yoga mat and water bottle to The Practice.

Can I join the program at anytime?

Our Signature Mindful Living Course for adults represents a year-long curriculum that starts again each August (with the start of the new school year). Part 1 teaches Foundations of Mindfulness. Part 2 focuses on Personal Transformation and Behavior Change. Part 3 focuses on Moving Into the World with Compassion. You can join the program at anytime, as principles build on each other but are also recursive in nature. Plan to complete the full Course for the best results and biggest life-changing impact.

How does your year-round schedule work for The Practice?

The Practice continues year-round, M-F. During the school year, we follow the Nebo School District calendar, with 2-week breaks at the beginning and end of the school year. School Year Practice times: 9-10:30am MTWF, Wed 8:30-9:15pm & 6-7am Th. Summer Practice times: 7:30-8:45am MWF, with Yoga held Wednesday evenings 8:45-9:30pm. The Practice is included in your tuition when you enroll in our Course in Mindful Living. The Practice can be subscribed to individually. Stand-alone Practice is a $40/month subscription year-round, an incredible deal between $1-2/class, depending on the season.

What is your cancellation policy?

Month-to-month subscriptions (for the Course or the Practice) can be cancelled at anytime. Participants who enroll in the Course at the discounted up-front rate (20% off) do not qualify for refunds or cancellations. If a life disruption occurs during enrollment, active Course status will be deferred until the time you are able to re-engage with the program. Extreme circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. Our intention is to support you in your healing and wellness journey. We will do everything in our power to act in integrity and honor the best interest of all.
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