Lifehouse Body & Soul
Thriving Partnership Couples Retreat

Bringing Mindfulness to Communication, Intimacy, & Shared Purpose

$1150/2-night package, $1370/3-night package

August 24-26, 2023
Westgate Resort
Park City, Utah

Build a Thriving Partnership

Beautiful Park CityLuxury Accommodations

Escape to a premier vacation at the award-winning Westgate Park City Resort & Spa where you’ll find world-class amenities, lavish accommodations and first-class service from an exceptional team. You’ll soon discover why this resort has earned the coveted “Best of State” award in seven categories. After each day's workshops, you'll have plenty of time to reconnect as a couple: hike through wooded slopes, pamper yourself at the renowned Serenity Spa, explore Park City's finest restaurants, and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Utah’s unforgettable mountain resort.

5 Couples Workshop SessionsLearn & Grow Together

Over the course of our 3-day Couples Retreat, you'll experience five 2-hour workshop sessions. We'll focus on how to build thriving partnerships with mindfulness. Simple embodied tools like presence, mindful communication, and intimacy skills can give your marriage a sustainable boost to the next level of mutual fulfillment.

Embodiment Practice in Beautiful Park City

Connect. Play. Practice Together.

  • Each morning begins with a 75-minute mindful movement and meditation practice.
  • Each session includes cardio, yoga, resistance, and meditation.
  • Accessible to all fitness levels–everyone welcome!
  • Experience how a consistent Embodied Practice can ground you in peace & presence, increasing your capacity for shared intimacy.

Connect in class and on the town.

Learn. Grow. Explore Together.

  • 5 Workshop Sessions invite you to explore:
  • Presence: the heart of personal peace & shared intimacy
  • How My Past Affects My Present: How past traumas impact current relationships
  • Mindful Communication: Learn & apply crucial skills
  • Differentiation & Control: Uncovering the Games we Play
  • Intimacy: Increasing our capacity for fulfilling intimacy
  • Options for individual mentoring sessions

The Schedule


Westgate Resort

4:00 pm

Welcome & Orientation

Becky & Nesha


Dinner (provided)

by Westgate Resort

5:30- 6:30pm

Session 1: Embodied Presence - Dropping the Story



What Lifehouse members have to say about our programs:

Brielle & John

" My husband and I have taken advantage of every couples opportunity Lifehouse Body & Soul has offered. The approach is unlike anything else we’ve experienced in counseling or therapy sessions. In the program, we’ve been coached through mindful meditations and course materials to be able to see each other in new and exciting ways. Also, to be able to understand ourselves with more compassion and understanding. We’ve learned tools that have empowered us to be able to have meaningful conversations to deepen and enrich our relationship. We’ve spent years skimming on the surface of our relationship, allowing careers and kids and other responsibilities to squeeze between us. Without Lifehouse Body & Soul I can absolutely see us living our whole lives that way and never realizing there is another level of intimacy and connection possible. The more we have been able to confront ourselves and see our own inner worlds the more we’ve been able to see and marvel at the wonders of each other."

- Brielle & John

Nate & Rebecca

" My husband and I have been using Lifehouse Body & Soul tools for almost a decade to navigate both serious issues and also just normal life. I cannot overstate how helpful it has been to have a shared vocabulary and increased self-awareness on both sides of our relationship. We are more accountable for our own reactions. We have more ability to hear and understand each other. We feel safer with one another. And we have more ability to catch ourselves in negative patterns and take a step back before we spin out of control. We will never be perfect, but with these tools, our marriage has become a beautiful vehicle for happiness, progress, and life fulfillment. We feel like we truly are creating something new, beautiful, and uniquely our own as we use these tools and rely on God to guide us, one day at a time."

- Nate & Rebecca

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