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Lifestyle Membership

  • Exclusively offered to those who’ve completed a full year of our Mindful Living Course.
  • Continue in community, curriculum & structure that supports your best life.
  • Includes weekly group meetings & 1x/wk or Unlimited Practice.
  • Participate in LBS Member Retreats & Events at a 20% discount.
  • Bring your strength, hope, and experience to others in need.
  • Keep waking up!

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As a Lifestyle Member, do I get a discount on Events?

Yes! As a Lifestyle Member, you get a 20% discount on all Lifehouse Body & Soul events. Watch your email for specific coupon codes.

How does the pricing work?

Lifestyle Membership includes your weekly Group meeting & Practice. You may choose either a 1/wk Practice option or unlimited Practice. When you enroll in Lifestyle Membership, you either pay annually at a discount or you pay monthly. There are no refunds on annual or monthly payments. Monthly or annual subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime.

How much of a discount is the Lifestyle Membership compared to the Regular Membership?

Newcomers to The Lifehouse Body & Soul Course pay $1,230.95 for the year, or monthly payments of $120 plus Course Materials. Lifestyle Membership at a one-time payment of $560 gives you a 55% discount. Lifestyle Membership at a $50/mo subscription gives you a 51% discount. This discount is available only through your text or email thread and is not advertised on the website.

Will I need to purchase a new Course Book?

It's up to you! The 2024 Course Book is updated for the new year so it will not be exactly the same as the 2023 version. Each manual represents a year-long workbook to process and apply each week's concepts inside and outside of class, so you may appreciate the empty space for your evolving journey. If you desire, you can purchase your new Course Book or Welcome Packet on our Products page.

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