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Mindfulness for Men

  • Achieve more with less stress
  • Bring healing to addictions or harmful habits
  • Find a brotherhood of like-minded individuals
  • Learn anger-control, parenting, and relationship skills
  • Understand yourself better–thoughts, emotions, past challenges
  • Become a better individual, husband, father, brother, son, friend

“This is a program that helps you understand and gain confidence in your true purpose & authentic self. It helps you achieve serenity & peace inside yourself regardless of your external circumstances.” -LBS Male Participant

12 Monthly Payments of


Full Payment


Mindfulness for Men

Mindfulness & Meditation

Over 16,000 scholarly articles have documented the scientific benefits of mindfulness practice. Your Course walks you through a unique curriculum which includes:

  • The 250-page LBS Mindful Living Course Workbook
  • Online Walking Meditations for each lesson
  • Online Audio version of each lesson
  • Social Media Group to keep you connected


Weekly meetings held Wednesday nights: 8:15-9:45pm at Lifehouse Body & Soul: 669 N 250 E, Salem, UT. Each meeting includes:

  • an accountability check-in
  • guided mediation practice
  • course curriculum study & discussion
  • optional sharing

We Might Be for You If:

  • You are tired of going through life numb, stressed, and angry.
  • You are struggling in your closest relationships and don’t know why.
  • You have tried therapy but aren’t yet achieving the changes you are looking for. (The magic key? Getting the body involved!)
  • You are burned out by the rat-race and need real, practical solutions to deal with stress.
  • You struggle with addictions or harmful habits.
  • You feel restless and simply want more out of life!

The Practice

To get the most out of the program, consider adding the Online Practice, which gives you access to 36 curriculum-based practices of cardio, toning, yoga, and meditation (50 minutes each) and 20 walking meditations (25-35 minutes each).

Practice includes:

  • HIIT Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Guided Meditation

The more you practice, the more you progress.

What is the Mindfulness for Men Course?

The LBS Mindfulness for Men program is a year-long curriculum supported by weekly Group meetings.

Mindfulness for Men promotes the idea that we all need healing and greater awareness to become our best selves: personally, professionally, and in our relationships.

The program represents a unique blend of mindfulness practice, yoga philosophy, modern therapies, and traditional 12-Step. Regular practice and consistent accountability are provided through a compassion-based, trauma-sensitive lens.

Committing to a year of consistent mindfulness practice will help you establish long-term behavior change, inner peace, and wellness in every way. We can promise you that if you commit to the program, you will experience life-changing results.

Mindfulness for Men is one of the most affordable and comprehensive ways you can improve and support your mental health and wellness.

A free consultation can help you understand if our program is what you’re looking for.

What Our Participants Are Saying

Why The Practice?

The Lifehouse Body & Soul Practice is an innovate approach to fitness, wellness, and long-term mental health. We use movement and meditation to integrate Course principles in body, mind and spirit.

Our Online Practice gives you:

  • 36 curriculum-based practices of cardio, yoga, and meditation (50 minutes each)
  • 20 guided walking meditations (25-35 minutes each).

The Online Practice is only $20/month and can be cancelled at anytime.


More Testimonials

Group Leader Bio

Becky Moller lives in Spanish Fork, UT with her husband Nathan and their 5 children. Becky has over 14 years experience teaching Group Fitness to thousands of University students. She is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and is currently completing the 2-year Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Certification Program under the direction of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. She is also the author of The Lifehouse Body & Soul Course Book.

In her early adult life, Becky struggled with anorexia, perfectionism, and body distortion that led to fertility challenges. In 2014 she was faced with her greatest spiritual teacher: betrayal trauma. Becky feels overwhelmed with gratitude at how such an ugly beginning has become such a beautiful part of her life–and has learned to approach life with an open mind and trust in the creativity of a Higher Power at work.

She would love to share this practice and help you uncover the infinite and unique Light that already lives in you.


When and where is the weekly Mindfulness meeting?

Mindfulness for Men meets on Wednesday nights, 8:15-9:45pm in the upstairs tower at Lifehouse Body & Soul, 669 N 250 E, Salem, UT.

Can I try come try it out for free?

Yes! We welcome newcomers to see what we’re all about. Just send us an email at ahead of time so we can watch out for you. Or better yet, fill out our initial consultation form and we can set up a free consultation to help you understand if and how we can best help.

What does the Mindfulness for Men program cost?

You can enroll for 12 months at $90/month with the freedom to cancel at anytime. This works well for those who prefer flexibility. Or you can pay up-front at a 20% discount and commit to the full program. This works well for those who want that extra guarantee that they will stay committed. There are no refunds or cancellations with this discounted option barring extreme circumstances. Either way, it's an incredible value at less than $20 for each 90-minute class--certainly one of the most affordable ways to improve your mental and emotional health.

What is The Practice?

The Practice is a class of movement and meditation, systematically designed to help you release stress and experience peace, insight, and equanimity. Each Practice includes a presence check-in, cardio, toning, yoga, and 10-15 minutes of guided meditation. The Online Practice includes 36 curriculum-based practices of cardio, toning, yoga, and meditation (50 minutes each) and 20 walking meditations (25-35 minutes each). It costs $20/month and can be cancelled at anytime.

What Course materials do I need?

The Mindful Living Course requires The Mindful Living Welcome Packet. This is included in the price of your tuition. You'll need to bring your Course Book to each weekly meeting.

Can I join the program at anytime?

Our Signature Mindfulness Course for men and women represent a year-long curriculum that starts again each August (with the start of the new school year). Part 1: Foundations of Mindfulness. Part 2: Personal Transformation and Behavior Change. Part 3: Moving Into the World with Compassion. You can join the program at anytime, as principles build on each other but are also recursive in nature. Plan to complete the full Course for the best results and biggest life-changing impact.

What is your cancellation policy?

Month-to-month subscriptions (for the Course or the Practice) can be cancelled at anytime. Participants who enroll in the Course at the discounted up-front rate (20% off) do not qualify for refunds or cancellations. If a life disruption occurs during enrollment, active Course status will be deferred until the time you are able to re-engage with the program. Extreme circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. Our intention is to support you in your healing and wellness journey. We will do everything in our power to act in integrity and honor the best interest of all.

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