Mindful Eating Mentorship


The Mindful Eating Mentorship Starter Package

If you need specific help with food and body image–our Mindful Eating Mentorship package is designed just for you. We offer 4 private mentoring sessions at a great value!

  • Session 1: In-home (optional) consultation & assessment with Registered Dietician Jaylene Mortenson
  • Session 2: Initial consultation with Mindfulness Teacher Becky Moller
  • Session 3: Nutrition Logistics: menu-planning, shopping-lists, establishing routines, planning interventions w/ Jaylene
  • Session 4: Healing narratives, disrupting thought patterns, finding new tools w/ Becky

After you complete your Mindful Eating Mentorship Starter Package, you can continue to work with Jaylene or Becky for as many sessions as desired.

Pricing: $75/session:

(Typical Consultation rates with RD: $90/ hour, Typical Therapy rates: $120/hour–this is a GREAT DEAL!)


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