Adult Mindful Living Up-Front (2024)


Original price was: $1,638.95.Current price is: $1,326.95.

A Course in Mindful Living offers an embodied and holistic approach to mental health and wellness, teaching participants how to integrate mind, body, and spirit for optimal well-being.

We utilize compassion-based, trauma-informed principles and practices for personal transformation, while supporting each individual journey with social support.

Your (20% discounted) up-front investment includes all your Course materials and represents a 12-month commitment to the program.  Full commitment produces our best results, helping participants establish a long-term lifestyle of mindfulness and healthy behaviors.

*Once graduated from A Course in Mindful Living, participants qualify for a Lifestyle Membership at a greatly-reduced rate. This aims to allow participants to maintain lifestyle and community without financial obstacle.



A Course in Mindful Living: A Lifetime Pathway to Healing Almost Anything is a year-long mindfulness-based curriculum supported by:

  • Weekly group meetings
  • Practice: embodiment & meditation

Weekly Group Meetings provide education and social support as you learn new, healthy skills and find the motivation to replace old mindsets and behaviors.

Practice provides regular opportunities to get into your body for movement and meditation– a place to actually practice the mindfulness skills we learn in class. We recommend you plan to attend at least one practice session per week, whether that be for:

  • silent meditation (Tuesday evenings)
  • yoga and meditation (Wednesday evenings)
  • fitness, yoga & meditation (MWF mornings)

Your up-front payment option represents our lowest price possible for a year of mindfulness-based self-development and community.

*When participants have continued in the entire Course in Mindful Living at full-price, they qualify for Lifestyle Membership. For a greatly-reduced monthly or annual fee, we hope participants will continue in community for as long as it serves them.

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