2024 Lifehouse Body & Soul
Women’s Mindfulness Retreat

Play with Surrender, Flow & the Feminine Divine

Starting at $880, 24 Spots Available – Space Limited

May 9-11, 2024
Midway, Utah

This Mother's Day Weekend, Awaken to All That You Are

Beautiful Provo CanyonFind your flow in the great outdoors.

Midway, Utah is a prime location accessible to mountains, rivers, and wide open sky. We'll take every opportunity to connect with Mother Earth -- the consummate expression of Femininity -- as we settle in for a weekend of growth, healing, and true self-care.

Adventure AwaitsGet ready to feel alive!

Over the course of our 3-day Women's Retreat, you'll experience nourishing breathwork and yoga, epic adventures (Mountain Biking, River Rafting or Yoga in Silks), eye-opening teachings, heart-expanding sisterhood, and sacred stillness. We'll focus on celebration and play: inviting you to fully experience and explore the Feminine Divine within you and around you. What better way to welcome Mother's Day weekend?

Come Be Fed in Every Way

Allow yourself to be totally cared for.

  • Each meal will be carefully planned and prepared to enhance your weekend of mindfulness.
  • Remember how to savor flavors, enjoy the sensation of fullness, and choose what truly nourishes you.
  • Relax in a shared space, where kitchen becomes a gathering place, an intentional element of your escape.

Make time for you.

You are your most important relationship.

  • 5 Embodied Workshops with tangible tools to take home
  • Moonlight Yoga: Release your fear of the dark
  • Morning Embodiment: Connect to Mother Earth
  • Evening Sit: Open to the wisdom of your deepest self
  • Morning Movement: Waking Up (spiritually) in Everyday Life
  • Final Teaching: Embrace All That You Are

The Schedule


Luxury Home in Midway, Utah

4:30 pm

Welcome & Orientation



Dinner: Taste & Savor

by Autumn


Moonlight Yoga - Release your fear of the dark



Chill & Chat - Hot Tub & Campfire Treats


What Lifehouse members have to say about our programs:

Learn to trust yourself

" Through Lifehouse Body & Soul, I have learned to trust my emotions which has been so healing. My emotions and my mind didn't line up for years and years and it was so confusing. To realize now that my emotions were telling the truth is so refreshing. I had lots of health problems, nightmares, and depression issues due to this dissonance. The wonderful part is I have been able to regulate my emotions so much better since gaining these tools. I'm grateful for the freedom it has given me. I was in a dark place and felt trapped and hopeless. I have regained hope and an energy for life. I'm not scared to do it alone anymore. I have learned my body is my best friend and is here to keep me safe and happy. I'm going to take care of my body, mind and spirit."

- Autumn

A Path to Healing

" I was in such a raw place, saturated and overflowing with grief, when Lifehouse came into my life. I was desperate to feel relief from the emotional pain I was in. I didn't know in the beginning that peace wouldn't come from the absence of pain in my mind and heart but from literally sitting with and then moving through the discomfort of the pain. I trusted and was willing to test it out. The effect of consistently coming to practice and moving was astonishing to me. I could be hurting and also feel empowered and liberated. I felt strengthened to bear the emotional pain which lessened little by little as I grew physically stronger. My healing has been slow but I believe it is the path to healing and I am determined to heal."

- Janet

Make Peace with Anxiety

" Before learning mindfulness tools at Lifehouse Body and Soul, I lived my life constantly in my mind and in my thoughts. Constantly in anxiety and constantly running with a false sense of control over my life. If I just thought out every possible scenario of every possible situation in my life I could somehow control all the things. Observing and recognizing my patterns and narratives have been life changing. Being able to recognize when I’m spinning out or spiraling out on a thought has helped my anxiety. I have been able to recognize that most if not all of my fear and anxiety is unfounded and just my thoughts running wild. Learning to drop the story and not following the thoughts has brought me so much peace in my life. "

- Amanda

Learn to Love your Body

" I have a really complicated relationship with my body and feeling love and compassion for it is something new to me that I'm learning at Lifehouse Body & Soul. When I'm gentle and actually try listening to what my body has to say, I feel energized and hopeful, as opposed to when I'm judgmental towards it and feel closed off and lack any motivation for anything. It's so interesting how immediately accessible all of those feelings are when we just listen. That's it! Just listen. There's no point of action that needs to happen. Just a single moment of stillness. I also find that when I start my day off with movement I have a clear mind and it's easier for me to stay calm and regulated for the day. Even if I'm not consciously thinking about how my body feels while and after I exercise, I can tell my body is grateful for even those small moments that I focused on how I feel. "

- Elyse

Register today! Space is limited.

Our Women’s Retreat in Midway, Utah can accommodate up to 24 women. Tuition covers accommodations, adventures, delicious and nutritious meals, a SWAG bag, and incredible workshops. Register now to secure your spot!

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