Building a Healthier Relationship With Your Body: Part 1 – An Introduction to Lifehouse Body & Soul

There is nothing more universal to our human journey than our bodies. And at the same time, we are swimming in a culture of confusion around what our bodies are and aren’t, what they should be, and what they can get us. We use them and abuse them. We try to hide them or we try to use them to secure our value. Somehow, we have pit ourselves against them. The body becomes the enemy: something to be conquered, subdued, overcome, or ignored.

But in reality, our body is our most loyal friend. It willingly carries every burden we place on it and does all in its power to protect us from pain. Even down to our smallest cells, it stores and remembers every joy, every hurt. Our body is the physical manifestation of the way we approach life, the ways we have armored ourselves, and the deepest beliefs we have clung to to protect ourselves from the unmanageable.

Our journey of awakening to the Highest that is within us cannot be undertaken without making peace with the body: the sacred vehicle through which we experience life. At Lifehouse Body & Soul, we are not here to overcome, achieve, or produce any outcome that can be outwardly shown. We are here to learn how to love and honor the body as our greatest tool of spiritual discernment. As we nourish it, move it, and listen to it mindfully, we naturally come into alignment with the very best version of ourselves.

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