Mindful Relationships (Couples)


Mindful Relationships (Couples)
Tuesdays, July 26-Aug 16

$198/couple for 4 weeks
with Becky Moller

If your coupleship could use an injection of connection, compassion, and communication, our Mindful Relationships workshop can help.

Mindfulness offers a gentle pathway to the intimacy we all long for. Come discover what is keeping you stuck, and find a fresh new pathway to a relationship that not only survives–but thrives!

Weekly Meetings held Tuesday nights 8-9:30pm at Lifehouse Body & Soul.

  • July 26: How to be Mindful in Relationship?
  • Aug 2: Exploring Emotions & the Self
  • Aug 9: Mindful Communication
  • Aug 16: Compassion & Intimacy


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